Farm Work Rebate

All of our CSAs offer a farm work option for members who would like to get their hands dirty and help in raising the crops through the season. We have regularly scheduled work days during the week and occasional work days on Sundays. Members who work at least 12 hours through the season (usually done with three separate 4-hour work shifts) receive a $50.00 cash rebate or $75.00 credit towards next season’s membership.

If your work day coincides with your CSA distribution day, you can take your share home with you at the end of your work shift.


2 thoughts on “Farm Work Rebate

  1. Tim Goodman

    Last week I stopped by at your farm stand. My reason for stopping was that I noticed a small plot to the left of the stand that had been recently turned over.
    I am building the above ground wall on an old hand dug well at our old farm house on Carter Road. Also a short retaining wall around the flower garden in front of the barn. I need stones!
    I am wondering if you might allow me to hand pick some stones from the plot I saw? I can’t sign up for this years CSA program right now cause I got to finish my projects before taking on more work. But I am definitely interested in the near future.
    Also, I have bee boxes (deeps and shorts) and many frames that I am willing to barter, or sell (cheap!).
    Please let me know what you think.
    Tim Goodman
    2587 Carter Road

    1. Erik Fellenz

      Hi Tim,

      I realize this message is months old, Something was set wrong and I was not seeing new comments on the site.

      You can definitely pick rocks from the fields, we also have a large rock pile in the hedge-row you’re welcome to take some stones from. Send me an email if you’re still interested.




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