The farm stand is open! We have the lingering tastes of summer as well as the comforting fall fruits and vegetables! ...

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When life gives you lemons....build a make shift wash room. #feedthepeople #stubbornorganicfarmers #women_who_farm #lovemyjob #organicfarmlife ...

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All set up at the Brighton farmer's market, today 9-1! Stop by and say hello. ...

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We have some larger baskets of organic seconds apples for saucing or pies on the farm stand! ...

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Our farm stand is open! We have a selection of vegetables for this chilly weather! We have: lettuce, turnips, eggplant, kale, peppers, kohlrabi, rutabaga, cabbage, celeriac, watermelon radishes, fennel and pumpkins. We aren't going to let the fire keep us from providing local, in season produce to our community. ...

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One thought on “Facebook

  1. Bill Harris

    Hello Fellenz Family!
    I’m looking to supplement my garden with transplants from your farm. Are there any plants available yet? If so are you open on weekends?


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