CSA Basics

If you’re interested in the concept of CSA but need to know more you’ve wound up in the right place!

If you know all about CSA but would like to know more about what we do and how we structure our CSA you’ve also wound up in the right place!

At the core CSA is exactly what it sounds like; a community coming together to support agriculture. I don’t believe any two farmers have the same interpretation of what exactly this means so rather than attempt to speak for everyone I’ll just share what CSA means to me at Fellenz Family Farm!

CSA (the agriculture piece) is a box of goodies you receive every week during the season! You’ll see lots of vegetables & fruit you’re used to using and you’ll probably discover a few new foods & flavors you’ve never used before. Strange new foods might become new favorites, if they don’t you can almost always swap for something that suits you better; because we’re not happy unless you’re happy!

CSA (the community piece) is a community! Get to know people at distribution and get to know your farmer(s). Compared to the Farmers’ Market where we’re constantly rushing/stocking/selling CSA is a relaxing social event; I love taking time to talk food, talk about the season, share tips for using the new vegetables!

CSA (the support piece) makes it possible for our community to support the farm when we need it most. January, February, and March are  expensive months to run a small farm; seeds are being ordered, greenhouses are being heated, supplies for the season are coming in. Having payments for CSA shares coming in early in the year allows us to start the season in better financial shape!

Now for a quick run through of the CSA program(s) we run:

We have been working with CSAs since 2004 when we joined with the Unitarian Universalist Church in Canandaigua to start the UUCC CSA. In 2005 community members in Geneva, including faculty and staff from Hobart and William Smith worked with the farm to start the Geneva CSA. After our first season at Mother Earth Natural Foods we moved to our current home at Trinity Church. Because many of our Geneva members follow an academic schedule the CSA calendar in Geneva is slightly different than the typical CSA calendar. In 2008 we began working with the Care of God’s Creation Ministry at The Church of the Transfiguration in Pittsford and started the Transfiguration CSA. In 2012 we began offering CSA on the farm as an offshoot of the Genva CSA, and in 2014 began offering CSA pickup at the Brighton Farmers’ Market mirroring the Transfiguration CSA season but also offering flexibility for members to extend their share into the Winter Months!

Now with five distribution locations we decided to simplify and streamline CSA membership. This year we’ve standardized pricing between all the programs, added flexibility if you need to change share size, pickup location, or season length! Here’s a quick run down of the CSA in 2016!

  • Three share sizes (Micro, Small, Large)
  • The Micro share is 4 choices each week, completely free choice. $15.20 per week
  • The Small share is 7-8 items per week, usually 4 pre-packed and 3-4 choices. Usually a good fit for families of 2-5. $24.00 per week
  • The Large share is 10-12 items per week, usually 7-8 pre-packed and 3-4 choices. Usually a good fit for families of 4-6. $32.00 per week

Our CSA programs are unique in that the shares include both Certified Organic vegetables and Certified Organic fruit. We also offer flexibility in determining the contents of your share. Every week members choose several items off of a market table to supplement what is already included in their share.

By partnering with other farms we are able to offer at extra cost: poultry, beef and pork at least once a month. We also offer our CSA members discounted U-Pick opportunities and wholesale pricing on any bulk quantities of vegetables or fruit for processing!

This is all only scratching the surface of CSA. But I can’t write forever and I know you wouldn’t read it if I did. If you’d like to chat find me at the Brighton Farmers’ Market any Sunday of the year or send me an email (CSA@fellenzfamilyfarm.com).